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Searching for a reliable Web hosting services provider? A web hosting server is the ultimate in providing you with security, power and control. With a web hosting server, your business does not have to share resources with anyone. A web hosting server allows you to install and uninstall apps on your own. You will also have the root administrator access of Trematics web hosting server so that you can store data securely.

Web hosting services: Security Is a Top Priority Addressed by Web hosting servers

If you are running a major e-commerce business, security has to be your top priority. On the other hand, with hosting services which have shared resources, there are higher chances of security risks. At Trematics, we offer optimal protection for your websites and any stored information. Moreover, with a web hosting server, you can customize hardware depending upon your business needs. You also have the option to fine-tune the server settings as per your needs at any given point of time.

Web hosting servers have the Highest Uptime

As the name suggests, they are for your requirements. When compared to a shared hosting server, a web hosting server has no shared features. For instance, when you are on a shared hosting, there are perhaps 150+ other sites besides yours.

In case of web hosting servers, you don’t have to share disk space and bandwidth. If your business is expanding, then opting for a web hosting server is a viable choice. If you opt our web hosting services, your website would also rank better in search results.

For every business operating nowadays, their online presence is of paramount significance. Thus, those organizations which depend entirely on their online presence, they need to have a proper server to operate their websites efficiently. To be precise, there are usually three prominent types of hosting available nowadays. They have shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and virtual private server. Note that shared hosting is the most affordable way to host your website in the online world. Among all these three types of hosting, dedicated server hosting is the most advanced form of hosting. It is because its entire resources and capabilities are reserved for a single website.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of physical server that can be accessed by only one user. In other words, this particular server is used for hosting websites that belong to a specific customer alone. An organization should opt for dedicated server hosting only if its sites have enormous memory resources along with the humongous amount of data and database. However, a specialized server hosting plan is costly. It is because you are not sharing the server with anyone. This also implies that your website would not slow down even if the other sites stay busy. So, it is quite evident that with a dedicated server, you have a definite edge over your competitors.

Investing in web hosting services

One of the biggest worries of start-ups or mid-size companies is to avail a secure network. Note that setting up a server of your own is an expensive and time-consuming affair. This is the reason that many organizations prefer outsourcing their servers to third-party hosting providers. These providers offer fully managed dedicated servers which help you to secure your resource-intensive websites. Here is the list of reasons which sheds light on the significance of managed dedicated servers.


Managed dedicated servers are becoming popular owing to their reliability. Managed dedicated servers do not share their resources with any other system. This makes them highly reliable for organizations dealing with sensitive data.


A managed dedicated server offers a secure hosting environment to your websites and applications. Managed dedicated servers have administrative access which allows periodic installation of security updates.


Managed dedicated servers offer you with a greater amount of operational flexibility. With managed dedicated servers, you can enjoy a greater amount of operational flexibility.

Plausible reasons to consider our unmanaged dedicated servers

For any type of online businesses, unmanaged dedicated servers play a crucial role. You have complete freedom of selecting the hardware and Operating System when the context is about unmanaged dedicated servers. They are affordable and highly reliable. So, let’s explore the beneficial aspects of opting for unmanaged dedicated servers.

Unique IP Address

When you opt for unmanaged dedicated servers, you can avail unique IP address. A unique IP address would help you to keep your website secure from malicious attempts.

Low maintenance

Unmanaged dedicated servers provide you the best support for your hosting plans. They can also upgrade anti-virus protection on periodic basis. With unmanaged server hosting, you can also avail root access.

Application Support Services

In case of web hosting servers, you don’t have to share disk space and bandwidth. If your business is expanding, then opting for a web hosting server is a viable choice. If you opt our web hosting services, your website would also rank better in search results.

Application support services: Mobile Compatibility

At Trematics, we are fully aware of the importance of mobile compatibility. Today is the age of smartphones and a majority of your users are smartphone users. Thus, if you want your application to be popular, it should be compliant with all major mobile platforms. We at Trematics ensure that all your mobile applications are compatible with latest technologies.

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media with your website is no longer an option. Allow your visitors to engage with your site, share your content on their social media profiles.

Rolling out steady updates

Our application support services also include regular updates to keep your application responsive and speedy. It helps you to target more customers which in turn eventually increase your sales

In today’s competitive world of business, it has become imperative to think out-of-the-box to stay ahead. Most of your clients are using smartphones and smart gadgets and to reach out to these clients, you need an app for your business. Only having a website is not enough in today’s world. You need to have a responsive app to make your business more successful among your competitors.

If your business has an online presence with responsive application on iOS store and Play store, you can increase your revenue. We build responsive applications which have access to a vast repository of information like e-catalogues and media files. Our customized responsive applications facilitate enhanced user experiences. We also develop both native and hybrid responsive applications. However, at Trematics, our expertise is not limited to app development. We also provide application support services for our applications.

Responsive App lifecycle support features:
E-Commerce Apps

We provide support for your smartphone application that has support for ecommerce model to facilitate unbelievable capability to the users. All our apps have secure online payment gateways. We release regular updates to make them responsive.

Enterprises Apps

Our enterprise apps comprises of features like location tracking, responsive POS, food ordering and customer relationship management which makes your business stand out. We are also a step ahead when it comes to releasing the updates of the enterprise applications.

Games Apps

We develop games apps which takes entertainment to the next level. We can also develop arcade games, educational games, 3-D games as well as isometric games with customizations. As responsible developers, it is our duty at Trematics to provide your app with regular updates. This helps in addressing issues related to bugs and security threats.

Utility Apps

By adding a bunch of useful utility apps, you can take the versatility quotient of your user’s Android device to a next level. This aspect is quite crucial for your business. All our utility applications receive periodic updates. This also makes your app stand out in the iOS and Google Play Store

Procedures we follow at Trematics to support apps

We use various strategies like cloud-based development, data security and hybrid app development to facilitate the purpose of your responsive apps.


Our responsive app design comprises of several aspects like UX Wireframe, Market Research, setting the scope, Prototype, UI Design and software architecture.


Unlike others, we have various phases in which our app development is executed. They are user research, design, develop, testing and deployment.

QA Testing

Our users will be intolerant about any bugs if they are found in the latter stages. This is the reason that our QA Testing process involves assessment of coding.

App Analytics

We use app analytics to ensure continuous improvement of the app itself. With responsive analytics, the app can also gather useful business intelligence for greater usefulness.

App Lifecycle

A responsive app lifecycle helps us to assess the feasibility of the application in the near future. We strive hard to provide regular updates and addition of new features.